This is a website for Professional Investment Advisers. We do not have an office or a land line. To contact us, please use one of the links to an Affiliated Member Office or email us. 

Professional Investment Associates (PIA) is a group of independently owned non-aligned professional financial advisory firms, and it exists primarily to facilitate the quality and value of research available to member firms providing a professional consultation network for the benefit of members and their clients. At present our Member Offices manage in excess of $400 million of clients’ investment funds.

It is flat in structure wherein:-

  1. Member firms retain their business and professional independence;
  2. Each member firm has one vote; and,
  3. Each firm contributes equally to agreed costs, and share equally in any income or capital generated by the group.

Members agree to be bound as follows:-

  1. To act in the interests of clients at all times;
  2. All members must be AFA's;
  3. Any financial advisers working for a member will:
          a. belong to and comply with all rules of a recognised professional body
          b. hold or be progressing towards AFA and CFP;
  4. To be available to each other without charge for professional consultation;
  5. To respect others professional integrity and independence;
  6. To promptly pay any levy, subscription or other mutually agreed cost;
  7. Not to bring the profession or the group into disrepute; and,
  8. Not to claim (either directly or indirectly) to represent other members or the group as a whole unless authorised to do so.

If you are an independently owned non-aligned professional financial advisory practice and would like to explore the benefits of being an Affiliated Member Office, please contact us